We Need Volunteers!

Respite Care:
The stress of twenty-four hour care-giving can lead to burnout, depriving the patient of the support they need.  Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling him/her to take a much-needed break. As a Respite Volunteer, you can: 

  • provide relief to the caregiver and 
  • become a caring new friend for the patient.  

Our respite volunteers undergo extensive training preparing them to provide emotional, physical, and empathetic support to terminally ill patients and their families. 


Thrift & Gift:
Our large Thrift & Gift Store is a treasure trove of value for the community. It takes a small group of employees and dedicated volunteers to make it a dependable source of funding for Hospice of Ukiah. Volunteer time is flexible, the work is varied and fun, plus, our volunteers receive a “first peek” at new donations and 25% percent discount on their purchases!


Next Step:
Please kindly fill out the application form below accurately and in detail so that we can connect you with the department you wish to volunteer for.