We Need Volunteers!

Respite Care:
The stress of twenty-four hour caregiving can lead to burnout, depriving the patient of the support they need.  Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling him/her to take a much-needed break. As a Respite Volunteer, you can: 

  • provide relief to the caregiver and 
  • become a caring new friend for the patient.  

Our respite volunteers undergo extensive training preparing them to provide emotional, physical, and empathetic support to terminally ill patients and their families. 


Thrift & Gift:
Our large Thrift & Gift Store is a treasure trove of value for the community. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to also make it a dependable source of revenue to enable Hospice of Ukiah to provide our free services.


Next Step
Please kindly fill out the application form below accurately and in detail so that we can connect you with the department you wish to volunteer for.