Grief & Spiritual Support

Hospice of Ukiah offers Grief counseling and Non-Denominational Spiritual Support to guide you through your grief and beyond.

Grief Support Groups:  Our free Grief Support groups are for people experiencing a loss of any kind.  The Group is a safe place to express your grief and share your experience with others in an accepting, understanding, and caring atmosphere.

Individual Support:  The Chaplain may also be available for immediate counselling if a group is not available or it’s not possible to join.  

What you can do:

  • Express your feelings for as long as you need to.
  • Get a physical check up – at least annually.
  • Join a Grief Support Group or get individual help.
  • Talk to trusted friends about your grief.
  • Talk to your minister or spiritual guide.
  • Be nice to yourself – visit a spa, get a massage, buy yourself a gift.
  • Take up a hobby or something you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Volunteer to help others.
  • Get gentle exercise – walking, yoga, gardening.
  • Have a good cry when you feel like it.
  • Remember good times with your loved one.
  • Share rituals and special dates with your your family and friends.


Hospice of Ukiah Grief Counselor, Kay Lieberknecht: 707-391-1817